Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Jean Alpha

Heres some jean style Alphas for ya.
Hope someone can use these.
You can download them HERE

Vintage Alpha Commercial Use OK

How bout some alphas,, These are vintage style aphas
I hope everyone can use
You can download them HERE

NEW POLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yall look on the right side of this page. I have got a poll going on what freebie should be next.
Please take the time to vote. you can choose more then 1 answer.

Good Morning

Well,, I hope everyone had a great night.
Not alot going on this morning. Need to work on a new kit and some more freebies.
If anyone has any ideas for some freebies let me know.
so I'll close for now.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Yall have a good night

this is all from me tonight, I hope you all enjoy all the new freebies.
more to come soon!!!!!!!!!
So make sure you keep checking back

Vintage Papers Commercial Use OK

I hope this will be useful to someone.
There are 2 papers. One with a burnt edge on it.
Commercial use ok
You an download the papers HERE.
Same rules apply as before.

Cardboard Paper Commercial Use Ok

You ever just wished you had a piece of cardboad, and how it would make that tag or page look great. Well here it is.
Commercial use ok
this is 12x12 300dpi.
So its great for printing.
You can download it HERE.
Same rules apply as before.

Western Hat Commercial Use OK

Here are some western hats to go along with them boots. Same rules apply to these!
Please be kind enough to say thank you.
You can download them HERE.

Western Boots Commercial Use OK

Someone asked for some western things.
Well here is some boots for you all.
These are large 12x12 300dpi.
so perfect for printing.. These are commercial use ok. But please include in your tou where you got them from. You can download them HERE.
Please leave a comment when you download them.

Good afternoon everyone

Well I have had a crappy afternoon. One of my PTU kits has been shared in yahoo group that I am no happy about. I hate a freakin thief, And that is what these people are!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
People wonder why so many have went paid to use or don't allow there things to be used.
well this is why........ I consider all them people who do this the scum of the earth.
They are thieves plain and simple. So iff anyone knows of anyone sharing things they aint suppose to,,, Tell em to stop.. Caue it effect people.. even if they say, I aint hurting anyone,, Yes they are. I use the money I make in kits to help buy more items to use.
So grow up all you thieves out there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Good Morning everyone!

Well I hope everyone is enjoying the freebies I have offered. Please make sure you check back often cause more will be added. Including a free CU Grab bag!
I know it cost scrap makers alot of money in order to purchase all the items we need to do this hobby. So I just wanted to kinda give back to everyone who has helped support my hobby.
And remember you can also purchase my kits, and other commercial use items at these places,, and at
Just a note only taggers size kits are sold at my store and at Lacy Claggs Store.
Thank you all once again!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Commercial Use Round Frames!

To go along with the square frames, I thought I'd give you all some circle frames too.
They can always be useful.
You can download them HERE.
Same as before,, leave me a little note and let me know you have them!

Commercial Use Square Frames1

How would yall like to have a couple of
Commercial use frames?
Well here they are.
these are 12x12 300dpi.
Perfect for layouts and personal scrapbooking.
You can download them HERE
Please make sure you leave a comment
and let me know you have them.

Paper #2 Commercial Use OK

Here is another freebie paper for everyone.
Commercial Use Ok. 12x12 300dpi.
I hope you all enjoy it.
You can download it HERE.
Please be nice and leave a comment that you
downloaded it.

Freebie Paper 1 Commercial Use

Hello everyone.
Here is the first freebie for my new blog.
Its a floral paper 12x12 300dpi
Commercial Use OK.
You can download it HERE.
Please be kind and leave me a message
when you download it.

Welcome Everyone

Welcome to my freebie blog.
Here you will find freebie items I make to share.
some items will be commercial use, some will not.
I hope you enjoy them.